About Skrewhed

The informal definition of the word "screwed": 

 1. "the position that is a result of a problem or bad situation that seems impossible to solve/get out of" 

Skrewhed is a creative street-wear brand based out of Charlotte, and has been in existence since 2017. Skrewhed creates digital content including videography, photography, graphic design, and apparel resulting from graphic design work.

Skrewhed focuses on creating content and apparel from ideas that comes from impossible inspirations, hence "Screwed". The owner discreetly adds his own initials KWH into the brand name (sKreWHed). 

Follow Skrewhed on its journey through the Skrewhed WRLD, Where Regular Leaves the Domain. 

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IG: @Skrewhed

Twitter: @skrewhedshop

owner IG: @ _haynie